We are Joe and Laura Jelemensky, and this is our website. Click on the links at left to see some of our photo galleries.

J's Nest is what we call our home and we have lived here since 1997. It is situated on 6 acres of wooded land in the Texas Hill Country. When we built our house, we tried to have as little impact as possible on the property. The land was cleared only in the areas necessary to support the house, a few outbuildings, and the septic field. In addition to the ever-present live oak, Spanish oak, and ash juniper (cedar), we had a good representation of most of the Hill Country natives, including a few madrone trees. However, the recent drought, including the devastating summer of 2012, has taken a toll on many of the species, especially the madrones, Spanish oaks, and yaupons.

We have created flowerbeds along the front of the house, filling them with mostly native flowers and shrubs. Our fenced backyard area is also extensively landscaped with flowerbeds, pathways, and ponds. We try to maintain a natural look, and most of our landscaping efforts are aimed at attracting wildlife and creating a haven for all the creatures we share our property with.