We love to travel, almost exclusively in our RV. We typically take one 3 to 6 week trip each year. Our trips are wildlife and scenery oriented. Our preference is for destinations in the Western US and Canada. We try to visit places we haven't been before; however, we never tire of visiting the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Northwestern Canada. We're especially fond of the bears around Hyder, Alaska. We've been to every state on the continent except Rhode Island and Delaware. We've been to every Canadian province except Quebec.

In the past couple of years, we have branched out and taken two birding trips to Central America, without the RV. In 2012 we flew to Panama and stayed mainly at the Canopy Lodge.

In 2013, we flew to Costa Rica and stayed at three wonderful lodges: Bosque de Paz, Rancho Naturalista, and Sevegre Mountain Lodge.