Laura wanted a tree sculpture to place on this nice rock we found and incorporated into our landscaping around the pond, but something that would not hide the rock.

The tree is formed from 9 pieces of 1/4" round steel rods, of lengths varying from 4-1/2' to 6-1/2'. Each rod was hot forged to a taper at each end, except for the 3 rods which did not extend into a root. The root ends of the rods tapers are much shorter than the branch ends. Some of the branch ends were also split.

Detail of a split branch (below)

The rods were then bundled and clamped around a 1/2" round steel rod which forms the core of the trunk. Once clamped, the roots and branches were bent away from the trunk. The rods in the trunk section were then gas welded, with the weld beads forming the bark.

Detail of branches extending from the trunk

The central core of the trunk extends below and was sharpened to a point to allow the tree to be anchored solidly into the ground. The roots were then used to stabilize the tree and hold it plumb. The roots were also hammered to ft snugly into the depressions in the rock.